Welcome to Lifelong Learning

This association hopes to enhance the lives of adults by providing inspiring lifelong learning opportunities through education, sharing, exchanging and creating communities across cultures in English and in French.


Savoir, Partage et Reflexion tout au long de la vie

Languages & Lifelong Learning est une association socio-culturelle ayant pour but d’enrichir la vie culturelle, linguistique et artistique des adultes en offrant l’opportunité d’une éducation et d’un apprentissage tout au long de la vie.  Nous voulons inciter les adhérents à continuer à apprendre et à partager leurs connaissances grâce à des rencontres et à une pédagogie originale anglophone et francophone.

Association régie par la loi du
1er juillet 1901


The Awakening

The association has been quietly inactive over the past year while Jackie was on Sabbatical in the USA. 

Jackie is back! She would like to know what you would like to do in this association. Where do you see the future?

We are meeting on Tuesday evening, January 20, 2015 at 7:00pm at La Maison des Associations, Paris 16th OR Thursday afternoon, 1:30pm at the same place. It would be great to see you again! 


Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TEFL Certificate Course in conjunction with the Graduate School-Newark, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

This portable professional certificate with prepare you and help you get a job worldwide as a language teacher.

Please contact Jackie Garcon at languages.lifelong.learning@gmail.com for further information 


English Through Film & Literature

Spring Session :  Upcoming dates will be decided at our meeting January 22, 2015