French Language Courses

French Through Film & Literature

We will read together contemporary French novels and watch the film adaptations as the basic content of our course together.  An emphasis will be placed on discussion concerning the literature to improve speaking skills and learn new vocabulary. We will talk about our reading and "listen" and watch the French film.

The atmosphere is friendly and encouraging. You will learn to use French for communication and social purposes. This is also a great opportunity to meet people and make friends from different countries and cultures. This is an intermediate to upper-intermediate class level.


Please contact Jacqueline Garcon at "Languages & Lifelong Learning" or if you have any questions concerning the course content or level. 

Jacqueline Garcon has extensive language teaching experience in French and training teachers in language pedagogy. She has taught French at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Harvard University, plus in France at various educational institutes for many years. She has published articles and given numerous workshops on teaching/learning languages. Above all, she truly enjoys and is fascinated by language use and language learning.